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Beam Client Release Notes


Beam Devices

  • Various bug fixes.

Beam App

  • Added network check in First Time User Experience to verify if a network is capable of using Beam.
  • Various bug fixes.


Beam Devices

  • Fixed bug where Connection Sharing via Bluetooth does not work.
  • Fixed intermittent WiFi connection irregularities in certain environments.
  • Various bug fixes.

Beam App

  • Enhanced the First Time User Experience which runs after initial install.
  • Added the option for Beam Users to disable Automatic Volume Control on the Beam call.
  • Added Beam User system information to the About screen.
  • Added support for Gamestop branded Xbox 360 controllers.
  • Changed default game controller layout to one-handed left stick driving.
  • Added performance optimizations for Microsoft Surface hardware.
  • Various bug fixes.


Beam Devices

  • Bring back support for Huawei 3272 LTE Dongle
  • Various bug fixes

Beam App

  • Fixes for auto-volume settings
  • Fix Windows Installers on older systems
  • Various Bug Fixes


Beam Devices

  • Improvements to Beam and BeamPro to assist with ADA Ramp usage
  • Various bug fixes

Beam App

  • Beta Debian and RPM Installers (tested on Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Debian 8, Centos7, Fedora 24, Fedora 25)
  • Modified volume slider controls
  • Fixed bug where changing the audio mic level slider would set it to 100% at the start of each call
  • Fixed bug where horizontal sliders would move when vertically scrolling
  • Fixed video problems on macOS Sierra
  • Gamepad/controller support now available on all desktop platforms
  • Various Bug Fixes


Beam App

  • Added microphone input tuning feature to automatically set the optimal microphone level on the system. This is accomplished by recording the pilot speaking for 10 seconds to determine this level. All future Beam calls will have the microphone set to this level. Click HERE for instructions.

  • Fixed echo cancellation bug where echo cancellation was not working correctly on some systems. Note, for some Windows systems still experiencing echo issues, it may be necessary to turn off audio enhancements within the Operating System as well. Click HERE for instructions.

  • Removed the setting which turns automatic microphone gain control ON by default. Users must now manually turn this feature on. This feature automatically detects and sets the level the volume of the person piloting the Beam and is best used in loud environments. AGC is best used in environments with minimal background noise. Click HERE for instructions.


Beam Devices

  • Enhanced audio platform on Beam.
  • Fixed inability to change fields in EAP+TLS WiFi network setup after failed connection.
  • Added customer configurable Quality of Service (QoS) setting for Beam.
  • Fixed issue using Bluetooth connection sharing to clear Captive Portal networks on Beam+.

Beam App

  • Enhanced audio platform within the Beam App.
  • Enhanced standardization of microphone level and Beam volume level.
  • Added option for automatic microphone gain control for automatic volume leveling during a Beam call in Beam Desktop App.
  • Added functionality to pan and zoom with the navigation camera view.
  • Added functionality to invite users to Beam using SMS in Beam Mobile App.
  • Enhanced Diagnostics section of Beam App.
  • Added to authenticate with Single Sign-On (SSO).


Beam Devices

  • Added Japanese translation
  • Added more keyboard friendly shortcuts
  • Enhanced WiFi network configuration flow and warnings during setup.
  • Enhanced functionality of 802.1X WiFi configuration wizard flow.
  • Added more verbose error reporting when configuring a network in basic mode
  • Added more details when trusting the presented network security certificate
  • Added new QoS flags for data coming from Beam, heartbeat traffic is now flagged as AF31, call initiation traffic is now flagged as BE, and call data is now flagged as EF.
  • Added supported (working and tested) 4G USB modems: Sierra Wireless AirCard 340U and Novatel Qualcomm USB620L.
  • Added compatible (working but untested) 4G USB modems: Huawei e3372 and Huawei e8278.
  • Additional bug fixes

Beam App

  • Added Japanese translation Added option for Beam Administrators to invite Beam Users to their Organization from their phone contacts via the Beam Mobile App.
  • Fixed intermittent authentication issues with “Sign in with Google."
  • Enhanced mobile platform efficiency and usability on iOS and Android.
  • Fixed issue where older Android tablets were unable to Accept/Reject Call Answer notifications on the device.
  • Fixed a bug where Simplified Chinese was shown when Traditional Chinese was selected on the iOS Mobile App.
  • Fixed a bug where Gamepad controls were not displayed on Help screen
  • Fixed a bug where “Check for updates” was not working on all platforms.
  • Additional bug fixes


Beam Devices
  • New guided 'Connection Sharing' screens for clearing detected captive portal networks via Bluetooth (beam+), or WiFi and ethernet (Beam Pro).
  • Configuration UI: Hitting Enter on a password field that says, "[unchanged]" will initiate verification using the existing password. The password will not be revealed to the user.
  • If a USB device is left unattended for more than 30 minutes, the Beam UI will return to the main screen and log a system error. For Beams which have USB devices attached, the USB config screen will no longer display indefinitely.
  • The Access Point list on a network now has its own page where one can navigate through the list and optionally refresh the status.
  • The Home/End keys will select the first/last item in many of the lists.
  • There is a new volume slider for the connect/disconnect sounds.
Pilot Software (Windows and Mac OS X)
  • Improved browser button and tooltip text when continuing a call in the same application instance.
  • Increased line spacing to improve readability of Chinese text
  • Fixed an erroneous tutorial diagram.
  • Fixed bug that, in some cases, caused top tabs to be shown when they shouldn't be.
  • Fixed an issue whereby French tooltips could be missing characters in some cases.
  • Fix a regression introduced in 2.12 where sorting the Beam Browser could cause random white space to be inserted


Pilot Software
  • OSX: Fixed compatibility with OSX 10.7


Beam Devices
  • New languages added: Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese.
Pilot Software
  • You can now return to a call from the Beams screen by clicking the "In Use" button for the Beam.
  • Fixed a number of shutdown crashes related to signal handlers not getting disconnected properly
  • Fixed issue whereby modal dialogs did not block keyboard interaction with underlying screen in some cases.
  • Fixed issue whereby session popups could erroneously appear on the test session screen.
  • Fixed keyboard driving issue where key releases are not recognized in very rare cases.
  • Improved rotation behavior when mouse driving and forward/reverse transition is disabled.
  • Organizations in the Beam Browser sidebar are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Reduced turn velocity of Beam when driving, via keyboard, in forward direction in "run" mode (with the Shift key pressed).


Beam Devices
  • Beam+ dock detection now avoids more false positives
  • set_parameters in network configuration via USB drive has been fixed as described at
  • Improved enterprise networking configuration and support
Pilot Software
  • Fixed compatibility with webcams on Windows that only support MJPEG, e.g. Tandberg Precision HD
  • Added capability to resume assisted parking if interrupted
  • Added feature to filter Beam list by text and per organization
  • Fixed reconnect button on screen when session is closed
  • Made assisted park popup disappear after a timeout
  • Added additional maximum and minimum options under network settings


Beam Devices
  • Removed check for an Ethernet cable being plugged in.
  • Added support for USB Ethernet adapters
  • Invite URL can now be displayed on the screen if set by the Administrator under “Beams > Settings”
  • Updated menu structure:
    • New Sound Options menu for audio adjustments
    • New About menu
    • New Power menu in the Tools for restart and shut down
Beam Devices and Pilot Software
  • Improved usability of in-call status text field; it is now more obvious when it is focused (preventing driving) and when an edit has been accepted.
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